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Cinnamon Buns Scented Reed Diffuser Refill with Reeds 4 oz


Are you wanting a flame free aromatherapy option for your home or office? Fill your room with the aromatherapy of our long lasting reed diffuser refill bottles. Our diffuser is non-toxic, and VOC compliant in all 50 states, so you can be confident that your reed diffusers meet indoor air quality regulations. This product does not contain alcohol or DPG.

Scented with Cinnamon Buns - the aroma of freshly baked cinnamon bun rolls with flowing streams of cream cheese frosting.

Top Notes: cinnamon, cassis, butter
Mid Notes: clove, sugar, maple, cream cheese
Base Notes: vanilla glaze, baked dough

How do reed diffusers work?

Reed diffusers are a simple mixture of a base solution and fragrance oil poured into a glass bottle.

Typically, rattan reeds are placed into the mixture to draw the solution up. The solution then evaporates into the air leaving the aroma molecules behind for you to smell.

That's it!

The more reeds you add to the mixture, the stronger the scent. If the reed diffuser will be fragrancing a very large room, or you enjoy a strong scent, begin with 1-2 more reeds than usual.

Keep in mind that a diffuser with lots of reeds will not last as long as a diffuser with fewer reeds.


Our reed diffuser sticks are made from high-quality, all-natural rattan reeds responsibly harvested.

Caution: Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
Avoid eye and skin contact.
Do not ingest.
This oil is meant for reed diffusers, NOT aromatherapy machines.
If spilled - wipe clean immediately. May damage surfaces such as wood.

Flammable liquid. Do not light reeds. Do not ingest.
Place on a flat, stable surface. Oil may cause damage if spilled.

Hand crafted in small batches to ensure freshness.

Listing is for one 4 Oz Amber Glass Bottle and 7 Reed Sticks.

* Phthalate free
* Alcohol Free
* No Carcinogens
* Completely free of animal derived substances


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